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Support group resources within CancerCare


  1. Within CancerCare we have 3 monthly support groups see a link to  3 support groups within our group:
  • Rondebosch support group ( link to full programs for 2017)
  • Cape Gate Support group ( link to full programs for 2017)
  • Outeniqua Support group( link to full programs for 2017)


  1. We also host Cancer Survivor days every 2nd year

Cancer survivor’s days were started in 2000 for the first time and is now run by each CancerCare unit independently

See some picture of previous events.


  1. Cancer Survivor Summit

Introduction to the 1st ever  in 2016 South African Cancer Survivor Inspiration Summit was held on  10 September 2016 hosted by Cancer Alliance and GVI oncology Venue His People Auditorium provisionally booked.



Globally, an estimated 32 million people are living with cancer.  That number is projected to increase sharply over the next few decades, as both the incidences of cancer and the number of life-extending treatments increase.  Those treatments have been and will continue to spring from huge financial investments in basic and applied medical research.  But the issues facing patients and survivors go far beyond the medical impact of the disease.

Traditionally GVI oncology hosted cancer survivors day jointly in Cape Town between 2000 and 2010 after that GVI units did their own individual survivors days

The feedback from these days has always been overwhelmingly positive as patients found these functions to be inspirational, affirming of their living with cancer, and patients also felt like being members of an elite group that gave meaning to their lives. They were proud to have been to as many as possible of these special events

The current buzzwords in the cancer community are survivorship care and rendering cancer care services in a patient centred manner thus implying a model where the voice of the patients should be central to all cancer care delivery. It is for this reason that this 1st Cancer survivor day conference will lay the foundation to empower patients with knowledge and a platform for sharing their journey with cancer in a collaborative manner.


Rationale for the 1st Creative Living with Cancer Conference for Cancer survivors in South Africa

  • Due to advances in early detection and treatment, more individuals are living with cancer worldwide.The cancer experience is shifting from acute illness to chronic condition. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and other health advisory bodies worldwide are recognising the range of medical, functional and psychosocial challenges facing individuals who have completed cancer treatment. “Survivorship” has become a distinct phase of cancer care.


The target group for this Conference:

    • Cancer patients
    • Caregivers and family members
    • Health care professionals from state and private oncology units
    • Member NGO’s belong to the Cancer Alliance of South Africa
    • Sponsors

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