Counselling & Support

Cancercare recognizes that when cancer is diagnosed the whole family is touched by the experience. Due to the domino effect that a cancer diagnosis may have on all aspects of the lives of patients and their loved ones, a professional counselling service is included in your treatment fees.

We acknowledge and include the importance of body, mind and soul. The counsellors of CancerCare are Oncology Social Workers by profession and are all experienced in assisting and guiding patients and families through their cancer journey. We suggest that you make use of the service as it provides a neutral space where you can ask questions, share concerns and deal with unexpected emotions.

Support can be offered in the following ways

  • Psycho social assessment and drafting a care plan
  • Emotional support along the treatment journey for patients and their family members
  • Linking with community resources
  • Special counselling session for our patients’ children and grandchildren to assist and prepare them in talking about their parents’ or grandparents’ cancer
  • Basic information on your treatment and side effects of treatment
  • Stress management and relaxation therapy session
  • Crisis management
  • Discharge planning (This services is a paid service for hospitalized patients and will be billed to your medical aid as in-hospital expenses.) Please note that should your medical aid not cover this cost, it will be free of charge.)
  • Emotional support and guidance
  • End of treatment counselling, if required
  • Survivorship support counselling
  • End of life counselling
  • Bereavement
  • Support groups (more details of dates and venues available on the website)

Take Control

The impact of cancer on the family

Individuals who are diagnosed with cancer are not the only ones being affected by this illness. It also affects their families and loved ones. Therefore, it is important to talk about changes in feelings, roles, needs and expectations during this period.

Remember that the issues of importance will differ for all families depending on the life stage of the family and the children. Families with young children will have other issues and needs than a family with adolescents or a retired couple. The oncology social workers in Cancercare assist families in dealing with the challenges that cancer poses to them.

Taking control over your treatment

Patients are encouraged to become active members of their treatment team. It is important that you engage from the start with your oncologist and be part of making treatment decisions. Building hardiness and developing your own unique action plan is an important aspect of learning to cope with a serious illness like cancer.

“People with cancer who participate in their fight for cancer will improve the quality of their life and may enhance the possibility of their recovery,” says Dr Harold Benjamin, founder of The Wellness Community in the USA.

At Cancercare patients and their families are assisted in developing and individual action plans that will facilitate their healing journey.

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