What we do

Cancercare provides an integrated cancer care service through its practices, each with access to a team of dedicated oncologists committed to offering the best advice, treatment and service to patients. Our oncologists are supported by a highly skilled team of radiation therapists, radiation laboratory technicians, medical physicists, medical officers, oncology social workers and oncology nursing sisters.

While advances in medical technology have changed the way we treat our patients medically, there are some things that never change: the way we treat our patients as human beings – with compassion, accountability, respect and ethics. These are our values to which we are committed.

Our services include specialist consultations, external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy and chemotherapy. We are also proud to offer value-added services such as individual or group psychosocial care to our patients and their families, as well as comprehensive information on all aspects of cancer care.

1. Dedicated team of specialists

Our dedicated team of specialists ensures that our patients are treated as individuals, each with his or her own unique needs. Being diagnosed with cancer can be a frightening situation for many and our employees are therefore trained in the areas of empathy and compassion to ensure patients are not alone on this journey.

As a leader and forerunner in the field of cancer management in South Africa, Cancercare has been responsible for many “firsts” in the field of radiotherapy in South Africa. These include various brachytherapy techniques, implementing Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) in clinical practice, and stereotactic body therapy with respiratory gating. We also have a well-established clinical trials arm in George, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, allowing us to offer our patients access to the latest clinical trials with their potential benefits, often at greatly reduced costs.

2. Improving access to oncology services

Numerous national initiatives have developed with the input of Cancercare and its management. Cancercare was intimately involved in the establishment of the SA Oncology Consortium and also involved with national co-operatives in providing industry comments on the Health Charter, National Cancer Plan, Prescribed Minimum Benefits and on-going fee negotiations. We have also been instrumental in the establishment of a national network to improve access to oncology services to a larger part of the population.

3. Holistic philosophy

Our philosophy towards cancer treatment is holistic and we continually strive to achieve our core purpose of excellence in the provision of comprehensive cancer care. Patients can be assured of treatment in line with the best available anywhere in the world at any Cancercare centre in the Eastern and Western Cape of South Africa.

We are proud of what we have achieved in the past 26 years and look forward to facilitating the evolution of cancer care in South Africa.