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Gamma Knife


Discover the cutting-edge Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery—an innovative, non-invasive treatment option for brain tumors, vascular malformations, and various disorders. This advanced approach is particularly suitable for patients who may not be ideal candidates for traditional brain surgery, either due to their overall health or the specific location of their tumor. Recent evidence suggests that Gamma Knife can offer superior clinical outcomes compared to conventional brain surgery for certain conditions.


Conceived by neurosurgeon Lars Leksell in 1968, the Gamma Knife is exclusively designed to address neurological disorders. Operating as a stereotactic radiosurgery treatment modality, it precisely delivers gamma radiation to the target area with surgical accuracy. Stereotactic radiosurgery employs imaging guidance and stereotactic principles to administer radiation to targeted cells within the body. By applying these principles, healthy tissue is exposed to minimal radiation, ensuring that the required dose is delivered with acute precision at the point of intersection. The target is precisely defined through high-resolution stereotactic imaging.

Ensuring top-notch patient care, the Gamma Knife procedure involves a collaborative effort from a multidisciplinary team comprising a neurosurgeon, radiation oncologist, and medical physicist. Experience the future of neurosurgical care with Gamma Knife—a groundbreaking solution at the intersection of precision and innovation available to you through Cancercare.